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    101 Calm Down Strategies For Kids Printable Poster - Emotional Regulation Skills SEL - Coping Skills Poster - Calm Down Printable For Kids

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    101 Calm Down Strategies For Kids Printable Poster - Emotional Regulation Skills SEL - Coping Skills Poster - Calm Down Printable For Kids


    Having Trouble 😞 Dealing With Your Child's Anger 😤, Tantrums, And Social Awkwardness😣?





    "My child 🧒 behaves aggressively😤, is addicted to digital devices📱, and has poor eating habits🍔. It's impossible to discipline my child"


    Kids showcase such behaviors when they lack self-regulation. Self-regulation is a person's ability to manage their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors when they feel overwhelmed (e.g., angry, sad, afraid).


    Nothing To Worry About 😊 Because We Have An Incredible 😍 & SECRET SOLUTION 🥰 For Your Problem🙌🏻!


    Keep reading to find 🔍 the solution...


    Children are often given digital devices by their parents if they are getting angry and their parents are unable to calm them down.


    But You Know What??


    One Of The Biggest Enemies Destroying Your Child Is A Digital Device


    Digital Devices 📲 Are Proven To Be Mentally DESTRUCTIVE 📵 For Your Child🙅!

    Giving a digital device to your child to avoid his negative emotion is the worst thing you can ever do to them. This act not only damages their eyesight but can also affect their mental health.

    A 2016 study 📚 suggests that your child's 👦 exposure to digital devices 📳 can lead to mental health problems🧠, such as depression.

    Furthermore, children who spend more than two hours a day watching TV or using a computer are more likely to have trouble with social, emotional, and attention issues.

    Your Child's 🥰 Ability To Self-Regulate 💆‍♂️ Impacts Every Aspect Of His Life🌞💞!


    Self-regulation difficulties can negatively impact your child's social, emotional, behavioral, & academic development. 

    Because of this, you should closely observe your child's behavior and act maturely since it will impact every aspect of his life. 

    Bursting 💥 The Biggest Myth🤯


    Children's 😊Behavior Can Be Improved 😳 By Harsh Punishments👊😬

    It is a false myth. Children only become bitter and rebellious when harsh punishments are administered. 

    It may be possible to decrease challenging behavior with medication and/or punishment, but these methods will not teach your child to control and manage their emotions.


    So, What Should You Do About This Problem💁‍♀️


    Every cloud🌧️ has a silver lining🤞🏻!


    "101 Calm Down Strategies For Kids" Is Here To Solve Your Problem✨😍!


    The 101 Calm down strategies for kids are designed with emotional regularization skills in mind, so parents, teachers, and counselors can help kids deal with anger, shyness, sleep disorders, digital device addictions, and other common problems. This will also help children grow well, plan for the future, and lead prosperous life.

    ⭕ What’s Included?🔊

    Following are some of the secret strategies & tips that are included in this bundle:

    ✅ Physical Activities💪: Different types of easy physical activities are designed for kids. Using the body for physical activities brings a sense of calm that is immediately noticeable. Stress and tension are relieved by tense and relaxed muscles. Some of the physical activities include yoga, running, and tense and relaxed activities to help kids learn to manage their emotions.


    ✅ Sensory Play🌱👀: When your child engages in sensory play, he or she can concentrate on one sense (often touch) while blocking out the other senses. Using this strategy, you will be able to bring your children to the center of their lives, allowing them to focus on what is really important to them at the moment.  


    ✅ Creative Thinking🧠Different strategies are included in this bundle to encourage children to think creatively. Creative and imaginative thoughts instantly improve a child's mood, make them feel happier, and help them to feel less anxious and depressed. Doing creative thinking activities allows children to explore concepts, situations, and social skills through play and find a variety of ways to deal with stress.



    ✅ Positive Self-Talk🗣️: This bundle includes several positive self-talk exercises for your child. Using positive self-talk could lead to an increase in your child's self-esteem, which could lead to better anxiety management.


    ✅ Breathing Exercises🧘‍♀️: Research reveals that deep breathing can directly affect brain activity levels. You can practice breathing exercises with your child when he or she is upset to help them remember to take deep breaths.  

    This was just a glimpse of what you can expect from this bundle. There is so much more to it.

    Developing self-regulation 🧘🏼‍♂️ in children 🧒 requires warm 🥰 and responsive relationships 👪 with them which you can develop by using our 101 Calm Down Strategies😍😇❗❗


    Children also learn different behaviors by watching their elders around them. Therefore, parents should act maturely in front of their children. When you exhibit emotions like anger or fear, your child learns that they must also express these emotions in order to adapt to a situation.

    Additionally, teach your kids how to be emotionally intelligent with these 101 Calm Down Strategies that we have gathered after extensive research. You will definitely see a difference in the self-regulation skills of your child.




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